Business/Property Owner Info

If you are planning on opening your own business, no matter what the nature of your services or products is, you will have an array of complex rules and regulations with which you must comply. Many potential store owners are often unaware of how to proceed.

The South Broadway Business Improvement District is here to help so that you are in compliance with City of Yonkers regulations. This will help you and your business minimize problems codes compliance, avoid fines and, in the worst-case scenario, closure of your business.

The following is a list of questions frequently asked by potential store owners.


What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

A Certificate of Occupancy, or a C of O, as it is commonly referred to, is an official document that every building must have. The C of O states the type of business or operation that is permitted there. A Certificate is issued by the Department of Housing and Buildings to the owner or agent of any building erected or structurally altered, enlarged, or rebuilt only after all legal construction and renovation work is completed. Any alterations to the space that results in a change of use or egress must be reflected in a new C of O.

Do I need to file for a new Certificate of Occupancy even if it states the same use as my business?

Yes. When your business becomes a “new tenant”, you are required by the Department of Housing and Buildings to file for a “change of use” permit. A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued after all inspections are met.

I plan to make very little alterations to my store (or office). Do I need to file for a permit before starting work?

Probably. If you are simply painting or say changing carpeting, you will not be required to file for a Certificate of Occupancy. However, if you are removing a wall even if it’s a partition wall only, you must file for a building permit. This is also true for installing new shelving, countertops, or any kind of alteration. Universal Building Permit applications are available online at the link below.

Do I need permission to hang a sign even if it says the same thing on the old one?

Yes. For any new signs, whether it states the old name of the business or not, an application has to be filled with the drawing of the sign showing the dimensions of the proposed sign as well as the wording of the sign.

Do I have to file for an Electrical Permit if I have a Building Permit?

Yes. An electrical permit is needed to show that the city has received plans and drawings for electrical work on the premises. Once the plans have been approved, a permit will be issued. A final electrical inspection is required once all electrical work on the premises has been completed by a licensed electrician.

For more information, here are links that you can use. The South Broadway BID office is open for questions and guidance. Please contact us at 914-xxxx-xxxx or visit us at 8 St. Andrews Place!