Why South Broadway Yonkers?

South Broadway is authentic, diverse and busy. It is a great place to find good bargains, dine on cuisine of many cultures, live and do everything for daily life. There are creative murals and artistic planters. There is the park with a timeless bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, and soon, there will be Westchester’s “Rail Trail”…right alongside South Broadway.

On South Broadway, there is good proximity to all modes of transportation.

Located on a major commuter traffic corridor, South Broadway is the gateway to the emerging Downtown Yonkers section to the north and the exclusive Bronx Riverdale area to the South.

We have families with children, residents and visitors of every age and nationality. South Broadway is a vibrant, dynamic and diverse commercial center. It is a true “melting pot” that has been providing the American Dream for generations.

Everyone is on South Broadway.

Perhaps you should be, too.